A New Resolution




With each new year, many of us will make New Year’s Resolutions. Some may resolve

to lose weight or to eat better. Some resolve to be kinder or to visit Grandma more.

Whatever your resolution is, we’re sure it’s a good one.


We’re well into the new year now. How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you

succeeding? We certainly hope so! We would like to suggest another resolution: To

take better care of your hearing.


Hearing is a very important part of our daily lives – one that often gets taken for

granted. You never know how much you appreciate and need it until you start to lose

it or it’s gone.



For this new year, we hope you will consider a resolution to take better care of your

hearing health. Here are a few tips to start:

1. Visit our office for a hearing test once a year.

2. Use ear protection when loud noises are present.

3. When listening to music with headphones, earbuds or speakers, turn it down.

4. Be aware of noises that are ‘too loud’ or last ‘too long’ and avoid them.

5. Take breaks when you are exposed to noise.

6. Don’t clean you ear canal with cotton swabs.

7. Don’t smoke. Smoking increases your risk of hearing loss.

8. Eat a healthy diet and keep your blood pressure under control.

9. Check medications for hearing risks.

10. Educate yourself on the signs of hearing loss.


We wish you the best of luck with your new resolutions and look forward to seeing

you in one of our offices soon!



Lyric Hearing Event Coming Soon!



New HyperSound Speakers Can Help Those With Hearing Loss

HyperSound Speakers Are Available Now!

There’s a new and exciting advancement in hearing technology. The video game accessory company Turtle Beach has created a new speaker system that makes it even easier for those who are hard of hearing to hear the media of their choice.The new HyperSound Clear audio system is a set of thin-filmed reflective speakers that can be used with your TV speakers or the sound system that you already have at home. The HyperSound speakers send a beam of crisp, clear sound in the direction of a targeted listener and is being compared to 3D-like sound. The great thing about this product is that listeners don’t need to wear a headset to use it, and it’s programmable by a hearing professional to the patient’s unique needs and preferences.

Of the new speakers, Turtle Beach’s CEO Juergen Stark says if you sit in the right spot, “you are able to get a significant benefit in your ability to understand the vocals in the TV program or the music or whatever.” This is great news for people who haven’t been able to hear television or music as clear as they would like to. Stark says, “People have told us they haven’t heard this well in ten years, even with their hearing aids in.” He describes typical speakers as a light bulb, but describes HyperSound as a flashlight. With HyperSound, the audio is “injected into the ultrasound beam.”


HyperSound comes with a price of around $1,500, but it is much less than the cost of hearing aids.  HyperSound has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration and is available to consumers now.


You can learn more about this product at and by visiting one of Sound Solutions Hearing & Balance Centers’ offices in La Palma or Huntington Beach.




October is National Audiology Awareness Month


At Sound Solutions Hearing and Balance Centers we are committed to helping our patients get the best possible care for their hearing.

To get that started, our patients need to understand the importance of caring for their hearing. That's why we're excited about Audiology Awareness Month!


The graphic below can help you understand the difference between the myths and facts of hearing loss. How does your knowledge measure up?



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