How Can An Audiologist Help You?

An Audiologist (or Doctor of Audiology) is the professional who assesses, diagnoses, treats, and manages hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. Since Audiology is a science that focuses on hearing, balance and related conditions, audiology professionals are trained to help correct these problems.

Audiologists can prescribe, fit, and dispense hearing aids and other hearing assistance tools. They can also create hearing protection programs and hearing rehabilitation training like auditory training and listening skills development. Audiologists can evaluate and treat individuals with central auditory processing disorders, tinnitus (noise or ringing in the ears) and hearing loss. Since hearing disorders can sometimes result in speech difficulties, a Speech Language Pathologist can also help.

Our office offers all of these services with highly skilled staff members who have been serving in the audiology industry for many years. Dr. Caldwell-Miller and our entire staff are passionate about helping others to hear well. We are knowledgeable about and offer state-of-the-art technology to help you be your best! If you are having problems with your hearing or balance, we can help.

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