"Wonderful staff"

Wonderful staff, very thorough, friendly and accommodating. Everything was explained to us in great detail which was beyond our expectations!! We had a fantastic experience and will definitely recommend Sound Solutions without hesitation!!

Esther A

"This has been a life-changing event."

... Enter Dr. Jodi Stephans, a wonderful woman, who administered a complete hearing test including my "deaf" ear. Looking at the results, Dr. Stephans determined that the plumbing in this deaf ear was working (I was born with no ear canal or eardrum but the rest of the plumbing was good). So after setting me up with a very nice Oticon hearing aid (I can hear now!), the doctor referred me to a University of Irvine ENT doctor, Dr. Djalilian. This has been a life-changing event.

J.S. - Long Beach

"My dad can now finally hear!"

This place is awesome, staff is super knowledgeable and they went above and beyond in dealing with the insurance company. My dad can now finally hear!

A.C. - Orange County

"Amazing team at this office"

Dr Miller is absolutely wonderful and so sweet. I've been to other audiologists in the area and I won't go anywhere else now. She had all the modern testing equipment. I had gone to get my hearing tested at other audiologist offices with the older "over the ear" testing equipment and from Dr Miller I learned that my hearing wasn't as bad as I was told by the other offices. She used inner ear (like iPhone ear buds) to more accurately test my hearing. They let me try on hearing aides for the first time, took me outside to get a real world test drive. Didn't get that kind of customer service at other places! You'll feel very welcomed with her team.

Rob B. - Cypress